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*Mother-Daughter Celebrate Their Weight-Loss Victories print email


For Cherry Hill mother-and-daughter bariatric surgery patients Lorie Vardaro, 39, and Eileen Kutchner, 66, their dual weight-loss journey has been “nothing less than fantastic,” as Lorie puts it.

Both employed at Surgical Specialists of New Jersey – the medical practice of Kennedy Bariatric Surgery Program Medical Director Marc Neff, MD -- the two women knew first-hand about the various weight-loss surgery options available – and the process that each patient goes through to be approved for a procedure.

“I felt guilty looking like I did when I was helping these patients,”Lorie recalled.

Still, it took a while for the two to decide they were ready to undergo weight-loss surgery For Lorie – a married mother of two children – being overweight had been a life-long struggle. Diets, exercise, you name it – she’d tried it.

Eileen Grabosky of Washington Township, NJ print email
Read more...Eileen Grabosky, 52, says it was desperation – and a growing sense of depression over her health-related medical conditions -- that motivated her to attend a Kennedy-sponsored informational session about weight loss surgery in January 2009.

"I went shaking my head, so to speak – but I did go," the married mother of two recalled. Dr. Louis Balsama explained various weight-loss surgical options, and Grabsoky, who attended the program with her very supportive husband, says that it "didn't take long for me to make up my mind" about undergoing bariatric surgery.

"It was the direction I needed to go," she says.

For good reason: at 279 pounds, the 5 foot 4-inch tall Grabosky was facing an array of weight-related health problems, including an arthritic knee, hypertension, high cholesterol and obstructive sleep apnea.
It hadn't always been that way: Eileen was an average weight – 146 pounds -- when she got married in 1982. But after the birth of her children, the pounds started piling on, reaching an all-time high of 286. Not that she hadn't worked hard at weight loss: at one point, Eileen dropped 66 pounds, but "I just couldn't keep it off."
Sharon Shelton of Pittsgrove, NJ print email
Read more...Sharon Shelton, a seven-year Kennedy associate who works at the Stratford campus as an x-ray technician, had struggled with her weight her entire life.

"I tried everything – every diet – but nothing really worked," recalls the 31-year-old Shelton. Finally, she decided on weight-loss surgery, selecting sleeve gastrectomy, which was performed by Kennedy Bariatric Surgery Program Director Dr. Marc Neff on December 4, 2007.

"I did it for my health," Sharon said. "I come from a family of very obese people who develop a lot of health issues. I knew I didn't want to end up with high blood pressure or diabetes, so I needed to do something – something that would work."

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